About Our Chapter

The Nation's Capital Chapter

Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland (including the Baltimore area)
Where Leaders in Accounting Management Meet (since 1932)

The Nation's Capital Chapter (#0044) of the Institute of Management Accountants was chartered in 1932.  We are here to help support the growth and development of Accounting and Finance Professionals and Future Professionals across Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland, including the Baltimore area.


Through providing regular chapter meetings, members gain access to a diverse and vibrant professional community, professional education, valuable information, and resources which will all assist in continued professional growth and development. Our Chapter welcomes any accounting or finance professional or student to participate in all that our chapter offers including opportunities to learn, network, gain leadership experience, and make a difference in the professional community.

Our Chapter also provides support for those who are actively pursuing or considering the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential by sponsoring a local CMA preparation program and making available a network of professionals with experience in the many topics covered on the exam.


Our regular chapter meetings are fun, educational, and engaging, but don't just take our word for it, come check us out! 


Dec 9, 1932

Charter granted by the National Association of Cost Accountants to the Washington Chapter

 Jan 10, 1945  Published 1st issue of the Kapitol Dome newsletter.
 July 1, 1957 
National Association of Cost Accountants (NACA) adopted the new name of National Association of Accountants.  (NAA)
 Dec 18, 1957  25th Anniversary Dinner and a Silver Anniversary Book was published.
 Dec, 1972 The first CMA exam was held and Washington was one of the 16 sites.
 Apr 7, 1976

Two new chapters were spunoff: Montgomery-Price Georges (later Suburban MD) and Northern VA.  (both were later folded back into the Nation's Capital chapter.)


The Chapter left the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council and became one of the 5 founding chapters of the Potomac & Chesapeake Regional Council.

 Dec 4, 1982 50th Anniversary Dinner dance.  The National President, Vice President and Director attended.

National Association of Accountants (NAA) became the Institute of Management Accountants.  (IMA)

Dec 2007

75th Anniversary