Newly Elected Board

Board for 2024 - 2025

The newly elected Board members for the Nation's Capital Chapter 2024-2025 program year are as follows:

President - Kathryn Valentine
Past President - LaTashia Satterfield Ogunlana 
Vice President of Administration - Ross Simms
Vice President of Communication/Webmaster/Kapitol Dome Editor - Ross Simms
Vice President of Professional Education/CMA Program - Dr. Brandon Schweitzer
Treasurer - Darius Hinton
Assistant Treasurer - Sonya Hearn
Secretary - Milly Ikundi
Assistant Secretary - Kathleen Sobieralski
Potomac & Chesapeake Regional Council Delegates - Dr. Brandon Schweitzer & Erv Basdon
Engagement - LaTashia Satterfield Ogunlana
Director at Large - Dr. Jeffrey Pullen
Director at Large - Erv Basdon
Director at Large - Marina Ter Sargsyan