Chapter Board

Incoming Board of Directors - 2019-2020

President - Derek Fuzzell

Past President - Kathleen Sobieralski

President-Elect - Vacant for Next Year

Vice President of Administration - Amy Blechinger 

Vice President of Membership - Latanya Eggleston

Vice President of Communication - Pat Martin

Vice President of Professional Education - Domenic Savini 

Vice President of Academic Outreach - Stephen Wills

Secretary - Shyamala Thayamoney

Treasurer - Darius Hinton 

Assistant Secretary - Milly Ikundi 

Assistant Treasurer - Leon Hutton

Webmaster - Pat Martin

Director at Large/Govt Contractor Meetings Committee Chair - Mark Hendrickson

Director at Large/Alternative Delegate to the P&C Council - Erv Basdon


Officers & Directors 2018-2019

President                                             Derek Fuzzell

President Elect                       

VP Administration & KD Editor        Amy Blechinger

VP Communication & Website          Pat Martin

VP Membership                                  Helena Clemons

Treasurer                                             Kathy Turner

            Assistant Treasurer                 Leon Hutton

Secretary                                             Shyamala Thayamoney

At Large                                              Kathleen Sobieralski

Director - Academic Outreach       Stephen Wills

Director – CMA Programs                 Justin Herring

Director – Govt Contractor Meetings Mark Hendrickson

SCMS Liaison                                    Frank Homburger

Director at Large                                 Zacharia Avirah

Director at Large                                 Leon Hutton

Director at Large                                 Erv Basdon

About the Board

IMA depends on it's members to perform the jobs that make Chapters effective.  Service on the Board of Directors is both rewarding and challenging. 


The Chapter's Board of Directors consists of members who have volunteered their time to serve in leadership positions.


Our Nation's Capital Chapter Board of Directors plans activities for the Chapter.  We always welcome Feedback as to what events, programs and speakers would be of interest to the membership.


Our thanks to all those who donate their time and energy to serve our Nation’s Capital Chapter of the IMA.  We would also like to thank the organizations represented by each board member.


Are you ready to become more active?  Positions are available on the Board of Directors.  Please contact our Chapter President to volunteer.