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Panel Discussion: Open Forum - Webinar (free)

When:  Apr 14, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Nation's Capital Chapter
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Ethical Communications; Part 7 Conclusion:
Panel Discussion.

Now it's your turn to listen, ask, and share with our expert panelists concerning Ethical Communications. In Part 1 of our series, Tom Dean's lead off message was that "truth can't be relative" and in Part 2, Leigha Kiger took us on a grand tour of using Plain English writing techniques when communicating with your audience. Building on both themes in Part 3, Lauren Laurie focused on taking your ego out of communications and avoiding hyperbole. Then in Part 4, Keegan Maguigan took us deeper into communicating facts in order to reveal the truth whereas in Part 5 Robin Gilliam explored ethical communication through story telling. Lastly, wrapping up our 6 Part speaker series, Mr. Joshua Vineyard discussed how the nuances of communication, challenges in the ‘new-norm’ and the 3i model (Intention, Interaction and influence) can not only increase the value of a combination of words and sentences, but the effectiveness of others to receive that message.

What is ethical communication and why is it important? Does it even exist in our digitized world where instant communication is often valued more for its speed and response time than its content or sentiment? How can you trust what you are hearing and are you in fact, an honest communicator or do you just hear and say those things that correspond to your biases?

These are tough questions to answer if you're going to be truthful with yourself but don't worry, we've identified an outstanding slate of 6 speakers this year who just don't talk the talk, they walk the talk. They come from different disciplines and backgrounds and will share with you their insights on ethical communication. We'll be covering such diverse topics as communicating in plain English; advocating for resources and budget increases; how story-telling can be used to address sensitive or taboo topics; building emotional connections with people; and sticking to the facts so as not to mislead.

We plan on concluding our 6 speaker series in April with an open panel discussion where you will be invited to ask questions of these expert practitioners, but a warning is in order. If you keep an open mind and are honest with yourself, you will probably realize that some, or maybe much of what you've been hearing or saying doesn't fall into what would be considered ethical.

Now, with that warning out of the way, please clear your calendars (and minds) and come join us for an intellectually challenging and enjoyable discussion!
Ms. Leigha Kiger, Editor and Communications Specialist, FASAB
Ms. Lauren Laurie, Budget Analyst, Defense Intelligence Agency
Ms. Robin Gilliam, Assistant Director, FASAB
Mr. Tom Dean, Analyst, Kyocera Intelligence
Mr. Keegan Maguigan, Senior Auditor, GAO
Mr. Joshua Vineyard, Relationship Manager, 11th Hour Service
Learning Objectives
After this session, you will be able to:
  • Identify some communication Dos and Don'ts.
  • Encourage action without exaggerating a crisis.
  • Realize the importance of using illustrative stories when communicating.
  • Understand why we fail at communication
  • Be data-driven to improve your critical thinking to overcome inherent biases
  • Apply the 3i Model of intention, interaction, and influence.
About Our Presenters
Although our presenters come from different walks of life and occupational career tracks, they each possess a common passion for communicating the truth in professional and effective ways. In a world cluttered with news-feed overloads, biased reporting, "fake" news, and ever-increasing censorship, each of our speakers has shown us how to plot a clear path forward so we can not only ethically communicate better with one another, but also help identify questionable communication practices.

For this April meeting we are bringing each of our speakers back so they can dialogue with one another and answer any questions or concerns you may have about ethical communication. You won't want to miss this event because it's quite rare to assemble a group of talented speakers who aren't afraid to communicate ethically. They come to speak not to an audience, but to each other and to you; the individual person, so that we can help elevate all discourse (oral and written) to the ethical reality we commonly call "truth."
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